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Enterprise Competitive Advantages
  1. Differentiation: Cultivate long-term partnership in the global market; select veneer materials required by customers with expertise; and establish a unique brand value based on the quality demand of consumers without seeking profits by following the cost-down trend.
  2. Uniqueness: Global wood purchasing to meet the product diversity demand of customers; marquetry development to fulfill the demand for quality enhancement; marquetry art development to enrich the cultural contents of the living environment.
  3. Trust and Satisfaction: By putting the customer first, and based on the spirit of innovation, service and responsibility, Ho Bridge Enterprise rates the grade and price of natural veneers that are varied, complex and non-standardized for customers and supplies natural veneers on a long-term basis to win customer trust. Also, Ho Bridge Enterprise wins customer satisfaction through continuous innovation in elaborate interior decorations and services and persistence in business reputation and quality improvement with scientific management.                       
  4. Green and Environmental: With the rise of healthy and
    environmental construction materials, Ho Bridge Enterprise
    meets this global trend in its operations to promote
    healthy and non-toxic natural veneers as
    construction materials.