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Global Marking Development Strategy

At present, veneer construction materials have been successfully promoted to China, Japan, Korea, Europe, the Middle East, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Every year we cultivate new customers through participating in exhibitions, and assign sales representatives to visit customers or invite customers to visit us, in order to develop mutual trust with customers and market our products. We are proud of our “Made in Taiwan” products and aim at marketing them worldwide. We focus on the European and US markets because prices and quality demand are both higher in these places, and profits are more sustainable. Over the past three years, we have aggressively participated in marquetry competitions held in Europe, in order to enhance the creativity and quality of our works through competitions; to make acquaintance with marquetry lovers with a heart to exchange; to approve the artistic value of marquetry with the competition results; and to create a track record of wood art with prizes awarded to us. Although we win prizes every year and our works have won the recognition of London competition organizers, we keep going without becoming self-content. From next year onward, we will participate in exhibitions held in Europe and the USA, hoping to further promote our works to the Japanese, Korean and Asian markets with the recognition and tests of these exhibitions held in Europe and the USA.