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Corporate Culture and Operation Philosophy
        Human focus, respect for customers, innovation, harmony, sustainability and giving thanks are the operation philosophy of Ho Bridge Enterprise. Though the 21st century is the world of internet networking, we insist on building our reputation by word of mouth. Quality and reputation are the driving force behind employees of Ho Bridge Enterprise. Establishing mutual trust with customers is the drive of our growth and sustainability. We cultivate markets to promote business growth. We maintain steady growth and reduce risk.
        with down to earth efforts. By rewarding employees and society with our profits,we aim at sharing the glory and creating a future together. At Ho Bridge Enterprise,we make culturally creative marquetry works with the naturally formed textures and colors inherited in natural veneers through craftwork designs in the concept of environmental protection, health and aesthetics.

        In addition to continuously participating in exhibitions and by winning awards, Ho Bridge Enterprise has established a reputation in fine art and aesthetics, interior decoration and furniture, and in gift markets.

        Founder Shen LEE (李審) loves nature and calls himself ‘chump chump’. Studying wood for many years, Lee discovered that the annual ring of trees narrates the bounties and devotions of the creator. With the rise of environmental protection, we are committed to eliminating burdens on the human body, pollution in the environment and the use of chemical additives, and producing products for modern people to pursue the purity of body, mind and soul. Our paintings display endurance, tenacity and nature’s power of life. The power of life of these works comes from the nature patterns, textures and colors of wood. Such kind of unique and wonderful works are modern, highly decorative, and suitable for use in interior design and office decoration. We believe that those who love nature and pursue health will feel our persistence in this field!